Longest Golf Balls for the Best Distance

longest golf ball

If you are learning to play golf, you need consistency with the golf balls. Even professionals sometimes struggle to attain consistency. Consistently playing with the right ball will help improve your golf handicap. You will agree the game improves playing with the right equipment and the right ball.

We have carried out some golf ball testing, specifically with the distance it travels. All balls, although they look similar, yet the test results were overwhelming. It convinces many of our spectators that the golf ball matters.

Testing Methodology.

ES14 Launch Monitor carried out the tests. It delivers critical data instantly and easily. It gives plenty of information, including club speed, ball speed, club angle, smashes factor, spin rate, and distance.

Golf Balls Marked Longest:

  1. Callaway Super Soft


The golf ball touches well and has a lower spin but great control. A great choice for those who have just started playing. You will enjoy the feel of the ball as it hits the greens. 

The test was conducted on the same greens with the same conditions. The softer balls have a lower spin rate which gives some increased distance to the ball. The 6 iron spin was getting up to 5000 on some shots. The distance was surely more than expected.

Average of 5 best shots.

Club Driver 6 Iron

Club Speed 109 90

Ball Speed 161 124

Spin 1849 5787

Launch 13.5 deg 14 deg

Carry 269 179

Total 280 181

Final Verdict

  • Great value for money
  • Better putter lines with ERC model
  • Iron spin is incredible


  1. Bridgestone e12 Soft

Bridgestone e12 Soft

It has a sound that is indeed phenomenal, indicating a softer impact on off-centers. The ball has a lower spin and a lower flight. The role of the ball is much better on a hard surface. The ball shows a good pierce through the wind.

Average of 5 best shots.

Club Driver 6 Iron

Club Speed 109 89

Ball Speed 160 124

Spin 1744 5387

Launch 13deg 14 deg

Carry 265 180

Total 285 182

Final Verdict

  • It has a far distance gain than others 
  • It is great value for money
  • Incredible wind pierce speed


  1. Vice Drive

Vice Drive

Vice balls have great value for money. It has a discrete sound as the club meets the ball. It could be due to the harder cover than the other balls. The spin seems to drop off, and the ball’s flight is a bit lower than the other balls. The same pattern was there with longer irons. The ball plays to a much lower height. However, more spin and more penetrating power were seen with a lower height.

Average of 5 best shots.

Club Driver 6 Iron

Club Speed 109 90

Ball Speed 161 125

Spin 1765 5398

Launch 13 deg 15 deg

Carry 268 182

Total 280 185

Final Verdict

  • It gives you the best value for your money
  • It has a good back line for lining up putts
  • Attractive packaging you will love.


  1. Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity

The ball is a universal choice, and you will be comfortable playing with it. It will also give a pep to your swing speed. The longer irons will give longer shots since the ball will come off the clubs a little faster than others. In addition, the drivers will get a longer strike-off tee by around five yards.

Average of 5 best shots.

Club Driver 6 Iron

Club Speed 110 90

Ball Speed 162 126

Spin 1916 5991

Launch 13 deg 15 deg

Carry 270 181

Total 280 183

Final Verdict

  • The brand is universally accepted as a great golfing product.
  • It will give you better launch attained with iron
  • The Iron spin is incredible with this ball



If you are looking to play the long shot, any of these balls will be a great choice. It will give you an increased distance from the tee. The balls are a great pick for people with lesser club speed, specifically, under 90mph.

The swing and air pierce speed will always remain important factors to consider. Working on a long-distance ball will give you an advantage with a long iron. The test results show an average 10-yard distance gain going with these balls.

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