How Much Does The Winner of the Masters Get

How Much Does The Winner of the Masters Get

The Masters is one of professional golf’s four major championships. The winner earns an invitation to play in the other three majors (the U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship) for the next five years and receives a lifetime invitation to the PGA Championship.

How Do You Qualify For The Masters

The Masters Tournament, held annually in Augusta and played at the business end of each April, is a major event on the Golfing calendar. Established by renowned amateur champion Bobby Jones in 1934, it has since grown to become one of Golf’s four ‘majors’, attracting thousands of spectators to this small Georgia town every year.

Paying out millions of dollars in prize money, the Masters is the tournament that every professional golfer wants to win. Looking back through its history and how it has changed over time , it gives an interesting insight into how this celebrated event came to be how it is today.

There are five qualifications for entry into The Masters Championship;

1 . Winner of PGA (Professional Golfers Association) Award
2 . Winner of the previous year’s Masters
3 . All former winners of the tournament
4 . Eight golfing professionals who have been selected by a committee
5 . Winners from the most recent five tour events

Although it is widely believed that you have to be one of these five types of players in order to qualify,, excluding the winners from each tournament. Contrary to how you might think, qualification number 5 is not a ‘last chance’ event. Entry into the Masters Tournament is strictly invite only (there is no qualifying for this tournament), and at time of writing, players who have won USD 1.6 million out of a possible 6 million on the PGA tour for the year are not eligible to play. This money is how players qualify for events, so you can see how difficult it would be for a professional who has just started out on the PGA tour.

In summary, there’s no need to worry about how you’re going to qualify for next The Masters – if you’re good enough they will let you in.